GOAT BROKE - Nigerian Dwarfs

The BEST Little Goats in the World.

             Reference Goats

GCH AGS Piddlin Acres Hit
                           The Bullseye

*B,           90 EEE       3/3/2003

  SGCH  AGS Jobi Deana

 5*M     91 VEEE    4/1/2005 

GCH  ARMCH  Buttin'Heads                         Wedding Song

1*M       91 EEEE     4/22/1999

SGCH Pholia Farm HB

6*M       91 EEEE    5/10/2006

Castle Rock Sterlingsilver

*B            2/16/2009

GCH Buttin'Heads Toni

1*M       89 VEEV        4/11/06

GCH Buttin'Heads Paperclip

2012 ADGA National Grand


2*M       91 VEEE       1/1/2007

 SGCH The Lilac Twinkletoes

1*M       91 EEEV    3/26/2008 

SGCH Buttin'Head                                                   Palimony

++*B       90 EEE       1/6/2007 

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