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GOAT BROKE - Nigerian Dwarfs

The BEST Little Goats in the World.

Birthdate:  11 May 2012                                                   7*M                                               LA 89 VVEV     

               SG AGS NC Promisedland MG Beau ++B
       SG NC Promisedland Ram-Beau  +*B, VEE 90    
               AGS Caesar's Villa DN Lizzie  1*M
Sire:  SG Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby  +*B, AEV 80
               SGCH Buttin'Heads Palimony  ++B, EEE 90
       SG NC Promisedland Pal Paloma  1*M, VEEE 90
               SG NC Promisedland SS Thistle  +VVV 87

               AGS Rosasharn's UMT Hamachi  ++*B, VVV 85
        Algedi Farm H Hurricane Jimmy +*B, +E+ 82
               SGCH AGS Rosasharn's TL Zenith  3*M, EEVE 90
Dam:  SG Pholia Farm HJ Hera  6*M, VEEE 90
               SG AGS Jobi Morgan +B
        SG AGS Jobi Chloe  5*M, VVEV 87
               AGS Jobi Lucia  4*M

                             TOSTI CRITTER TIANA BLUE
Birthdate:  2 Apr 2015                                                                                FOR SALE 

              Tahoma Troubadour  VEE 87
       Tahoma Sahara  
               Tahoma Rapsody  
Sire:  The S Soren  
               Squaw*Mountain Bluesummerstorm
        Tahoma Halo Trimmed in Blue
               Tahoma Starburst  

              AGS CTC Moonshadow Chocolatfactory
       AGS CTC Moonshadow Matador
              AGS CTC Moonshadow PZ Creampuff
Dam:  AGS Tahlequah Teylah
              AGS Twil Creeks AH  In The Spotlight
         AGS Tahlequah Sprocket
              AGS Tahoma Little Anne

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Updated 20 June 2018