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GOAT BROKE - Nigerian Dwarfs

The BEST Little Goats in the World.

                                   ELFIN ACRES B CILANTRA
Birthdate:  10 Mar 2016                                                                                                 FOR SALE

                   Odeon ATS Tahir Thunder *B, 83 +V+

        Elfin Acres Chili Pepper *B, 80 ++A

                   SGCH Elfin Acres Pepper  2*M, 85 VVEV

Sire:  Elfin Acres CP Briar *B

                    Inavale Mel Gibson

         SGCH The Lilac Twinkletoes  1*M, 91 EEEV

                    Toehead Royale Riley

                     GCH  Pecan Hollow ZC Bazinga +B, 90 VEE

         Elfin Acres BZ Etienne  +*B, 88 VVE

                     Odeon RSP Madeline 4*M, 90 VEEE

Dam:  Elfin Acres E Harrisa 3*M, 87 VVVV

                     Saquaro Money Matters +B, 87 VEV

         SGCH Elfin Acres Pepper 2*M, 85 VVEV

                     SG Elfin Acres Poppy 1*M, 88 VEEV

                          MTN LODGE BL CLASSY COMEDY
Birthdate:  10 Apr 2017                                                                                BLUE EYES

                       MI Sugarcreek WK Sally’s Max  *B

          Poppy Patch SM Riverdance 86 VVV

                     Poppy  Patch RC Kitty F oyle

Sire:  Mtn Lodge SR Blu

                     Herron Hill PPC Caboose

           Minterbay Northern Belle

                      GCH Herron Hill CJ Cora Belle 1*M

                      Rosasharns  BB Son of Honey ++*B, 87 VEV

            Rosasharn SH Uni’s Bryce *B, 79 A++

                      SG AGS Rosasharn’s Uni 2*M, 90 EEEV

Dam:  Mtn Lodge BR Dove

                      SG Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby +*B, 80 AEV

            Pholia Farm RD Godiva  7*M, 83 VVVA

                       SGCH Pholia Farm HB Angelica 6*M, 91 EEEE

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 Updated  20 June 2018

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